Our Team

Leadership Team


Riya Singhai

Business Development

Riya have completed Masters in Geographical Information System from Symbiosis. Over the last 9 years she has experience working in/with Non-Profit Organization, Government Projects & Real Estate Developments. She has created and managed sustainable revenue engines for Realty Agencies. Also had the privilege of heading various Government Projects like Sustainable Livelihood Model, PMAY, MTSU (Socio Economic Impact due to land Reclamation on Mumbai koliwadas , In- situ & Others like MMRDA, PMC , WRI & Pune Smart City Planning projects .

Also Authored a book named ”Bathymetric Analysis of Karli Creek under a German publication house Lambert Academy Publications.

Indira Ojha

Mrs. Indira Ojha


Mrs. Indira Ojha comes from a family with a hospitality business in catering & sweets. But her determination-fuelled persona was made for the larger picture. With her inherent values, deep-rooted ambition, consistent endeavors and her insistence towards settling for nothing less than success, she has built Launchpad as a group, piece by piece. Mrs. Ojha principles of honesty, integrity, transparency and quality are currently being applied, under her supervision, in the making of any organizational decisions.Her passion towards work, spirituality and her dedication towards the betterment of society as a whole can be seen in the extensive wide-scale welfare programs undertaken by the company vision & values. She is rightfully “The Pillar of Leadership, commitment, and dedication”, whose visionary attributes continue to visualize the company’s unforeseen success.

Her belief in integrated practices such as non violence in thoughts and actions, equanimity and conservation, in business as much as in personal life, has led her to undertake many philanthropic, social and cultural causes. She follows a modest lifestyle both at work and home.

RS Ojha

Mr. R.S. Ojha


Mr. R.S. Ojha is the Director of Launchpad and a well-known entrepreneur working for agriculture Advancement & Real Estate for the past over 4 decades. He leads Company initiatives in maintaining all important relationships with the entrepreneurial community. He ideates and implements philanthropic activities of the firm as well as family.

He is a veteran professional with over 45 years of experience in core strategic areas such as finance and strategic planning, horizontal and vertical expansion, and change management. Being an advocate for the cause of small and marginal business and farmers across India, Mr. Ojha has driven his values multifold progress while keeping the small farmer at the fulcrum of all its objectives and activities. Innovative entrepreneurship is his chosen tool for creating sustainable impact in Real Estate, Agriculture, and related areas.

Col Lalit Rai

Col. Lalit Rai


Col. Rai was commissioned into the 7th Battalion the 11 GORKHA RIFLES (7/11 GR). He served in all types of terrain and was selected for many Instructional and Staff appointments. As Adjutant of the prestigious Officers Training Academy, Chennai, he successfully inducted the first batch of Lady officers into the Women Special Entry Scheme. He took over command of Counter Terrorist operations in Doda Dist of Jammu and Kashmir. His inspirational leadership and conspicuous bravery of a very high order, he was awarded the Vir Chakra on 15 August 1999, by the President of India.

Col. Rai is presently actively working on Launchpad Board and he is on the Company Board of Directors of a few companies and is Advisor & Consultant to some large size companies in India. He is a well established motivational speaker. He has been closely associated with major Indian corporates and continues to inspire and touch lives with his inspirational leadership and astute management insights in the Human Resources domain & Leadership aspects.


Mr. Rajesh Kumar N.

Independent Director

Having dedicated over 28 years towards the ceaseless elevation of Government, Private & Real Estate field Mr. Kumar is an experienced personality in the Launchpad Group. His in-depth knowledge and expert insight & self experience about the International Real Estate project construction in countries like Tashkent, Russia, Bahrain, Muscat, Oman has put him in a pavilion above the common crowd. He is well renowned for his challenging role in projects like Bahrain international golf course club, Interior decoration of ARIG House, Al bander Resort- a hotel extension project, Development of Janabiya Palace and many more. Today, he is engaged in the complete process of Launchpad Group infrastructure expansion & collaboration of any new initiatives – right from how it will be processed to what other stages need to be carried out to make the final outcome. He is an irreplaceable asset of Launchpad – the Pillar of Integrity of the company.


Pankaj Ojha

The Captain

With a proven, successful track record of over a decade, Pankaj Ojha is a dynamic personality who excels at driving sales and business growth.

Mr. Ojha excels in Business Operations, Business Planning, Analysis and Sales. His superpower lies in building high performing teams where every member is mentored and nurtured to achieve full potential.

A multi-faceted personality, Pankaj strongly believes in nurturing his physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being. He enjoys outdoor games and his interests include ice-skating and lawn tennis.


Mr. Karan Sharma


Mr. Karan joined Launchpad with the clear intention of lending fresh perspectives and creative outlooks in the real estate industries . He completed his education from the prestigious Pune University as Masters in Sustainable Architecture & has been working in this field for more than 10 years. His dedication towards the exclusive selection of world’s most innovative sustainable architectural practices comes from personal involvement and extensive personal training with renowned architects. A true patron of cathartic metamorphosis through innovation and technology, Mr. Karan has consistently endeavored to enhance the company’s vision. It is upon his insistence to understand the pulse of the time, is the reason behind Launchpad affluent towards 0 Carbon mission. His active participation in new projects with richly diversified strategies, algorithms of work-tactics and game plans make him a true Pillar of Strategy.

He has designed various Government projects in rural areas & urban development proposals for SRPF. Collaborated with NGOs like Mashaal and WOTR, worked on Furniture and Design for various niche clients previously. He is also directing young minds for sustainable architecture practices by serving as a main Faculty of Sustainable Design in Bharti Vidyapeeth.


Mr. Vaibhav Pingle

Financial Controller

Mr. Pingle is actively counted upon on his far-sightedness, risk-taking, concrete decision-making abilities and substantial leadership qualities, Mr. Pingle is recognized as an invaluable asset to the company. He single handedly supervises the entire portfolio and to ensure the best systems are in place for the organization to function as efficiently as possible. A Chartered Accountant & Company Secretary by profession, Mr.Paingle has a disciplined administrative approach. Mr. Pingle not only holds a distinguished echelon in Launchpad, but also takes active part in new initiatives and ventures.