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What is Launchpad?

Business Intelligence | Marketing | Execution

  • Launchpad is an international business intelligence, marketing and execution agency based in the UAE with presence in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune in India. We work with ambitious organizations wanting more for their brand and business.

    Primarily, we help new brands, but we also work with established brands and, help them revamp and reposition their identities in highly competitive markets.

    Among our fantastic capabilities are market strategy & feasibility, identity, advertising, design, event execution and a lot more!

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is represented in our identity.
The Launchpad logo is a powerful hexagon evoking culture of the company’s vision. The hexagon is a naturally occurring shape found in the honeycomb and associated with bees and their cooperative and industrious nature. It fits well with Launchpad’s philosophy of representing equality, perfection, integration, and reliability.

The Alpha:

At Launchpad, our leaders come last. It’s a thing we learned from the wolves: the pack is protected, controlled, and directed by the alpha from where he can see everyone. Curiously, the vision is clearer from the back. Our leaders know what’s going on, who is going where, who needs a push, and when to change course.

Our Mission:

To build trust and value for our clients and stakeholders – whoever they are, wherever they may be.

Our Vision:

To help brands discover, develop, and grow their market value and potential globally.

What Launchpad Does?

Below services do not end here! It’s just a nutshell, for a complete understanding give us a chance to serve you!

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    Launchpad specializes in comprehensive 360° consumer insights that help you make smarter business decisions...

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    As a marketing agency, we help you break through the noise and reach customers in a way that’s precise, innovative and highly successful...

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    When it comes to marketing activities, we follow what we preach. Our specialised on-ground execution teams cover the length...

Strategic Alliances

At Launchpad we believe that collaboration is the way to success. It not only opens new market opportunities, but also broadens scope and visibility.

Strategic Alliances with like-minded organizations and individuals is always welcome at Launchpad. We leverage the strategic purpose and value of partnerships and alliances to focus on building more value for our clients.

Is making others believe in your idea irritating you?

Watch out this space! Coming soon!

Our clients

Here are some of our prestigious clients

  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Digital

  • Real Estate

  • Manufacturing

  • FMCG

Life @ Launchpad

We’re always looking for Talent, People who make the impossible, possible.

Why Join Team Launchpad?

  • World-class projects: Projects challenge your creativity and skills. Are you game?
  • Great Team: The kind of people you hang out with after hours.
  • Flexible schedule: Efficiency. Responsibility. Accountability. Not hours, calls or targets.
  • Fantastic Workspace: Work hard. Play harder. Repeat.
  • Profit share - 51:49: All team members working on a project, will get 51% of the project profit generated out of respective project. What you put in, you get out of it.

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